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LCF - Thomson Family Leadership and Innovation Award Recipient 2023 - Demjai Edwards

LCF - Thomson Family Leadership and Innovation Award Recipient 2023 - Demjai Edwards
Demjai Edwards
Thomson Leadership and Innovation AwardThomson Leadership & Innovation Award
Acadia UniversityAcadia University Bachelor’s DegreeBachelor’s Degree Major/Field of StudyMajor/Field of Study: Sociology Award ValueAward Value: $15,000.00
Who is Demjai Edwards?

“Many Bahamians are disillusioned in that they believe that The Bahamas is as good as it will get. Years of existing in a culture clouded with the influence of tourism has led some Bahamians to truly believe that we live in a paradise, but this is not the case. The Bahamas is no different from any other country and has its own issues and problems. I have dedicated my life to educating Bahamians and anyone who is willing to listen on the systemic issues that plague our country and world. There aren't enough young Bahamians who hold The Bahamas under a critical lens, and I hope to increase that number by educating, entertaining, and uplifting those around me.

I have made a concerted effort to put myself into situations where I may speak publicly and directly about the issues that this country faces. This effort has led to me to be invited to numerous seminars, meetings, and events where I have protested social ills such as racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc. I am a part of the Acadia Caribbean Society, and in the fall of 2023 I will be officially joining the Acadia Black Student Association, all to help bolster the Bahamian and black community at Acadia. I have performed in one of the largest events in Acadia, the International Banquet, where I modelled and performed spoken word poetry, which is another avenue which lets me express my displeasure for the issues in Bahamian society. I hope that by pursuing my education in Acadia and in sociology, I can use those skills to improve The Bahamas for the better.