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LCF -Thomson Family Leadership and Innovation Award Recipient 2021 - Felicia Campbell-Carey

The 2021 Thomson Leadership and Innovation Awardee
Felicia Campbell-Carey
LCF -Thomson Family Leadership and Innovation Award Recipient 2021 - Felicia Campbell-CareyThomson Leadership & Innovation Award
University of OttawaHolland College Master’s DegreeMaster’s Degree    Major/Field of StudyMajor/Field of Study: Child and Youth Care    Award ValueAward Value: $34,000.00
Who is Felicia Campbell-Carey?

Felicia is a native of Nassau, The Bahamas and a graduate of the D.W. Davis public high school in Nassau, Bahamas. Her Master’s Degree in Child & Youth Care from Holland College will further aid her in career trajectory given the focus on counselling, case management, child welfare, intervention, and program development.

Felicia was chosen as a Thompson Leadership and Innovation Awardee because of her passion for community and youth development combined with her plans and actions to make a difference in The Bahamas. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Teen Life Skills Service Organization, which is a non-profit organization that aims to support young mothers who face gender-based violence in all forms, including human trafficking, homelessness. She has received several national awards for her community work including the 2018 National Youth Organization of the Year and Ministers Cup for Organizational Excellence. She currently holds a Bachelors Degree in Christian Counseling from New Covenant University, FL, USA.

In Felicia’s Own Words:

"I propose to offer a tangible, measurable and realistic solution by firstly building capacity in areas of educational training, experiences and knowledge of transitional homes.

Secondly, I intend to execute the knowledge I have acquired by developing a transitional home pilot program in the Bahamas. This unique program will offer accessible services, educational opportunities and focus on health and wellness provide a safe space short and long term for three marginalized groupings. Youth in care (state run home), homeless teen mothers and women who are faced with gender-based violence.

The proposed pilot program aims to provide a solution, safe transitional spaces for youth in care such as females of the Williemae Pattern center for girls, males of the Simpson Penn school for boys and other wards of the state from various children homes throughout New Providence. These persons would have reached the age of 18 but due to some unforeseen circumstances they are left hanging in the balance. Teen mothers and women who may find themselves homeless due to pregnancy and women with small kids who are subjected to violence acts. This is the solution I propose to offer that will address the challenges of homelessness, inaccessible mental health programs and woman who are experiencing violence in some form.

I believe that the proposed transitional home pilot program is tangible, measurable and realistic solution. I also firmly believe that with acquired knowledge, skills, experience and strategic partnership with the appropriate parties this pilot program will be a success.." – Felicia Campbell-Carey

Felicia’s determination to make a difference for at risk women and their children is evident as you speak with her. We are pleased to advise that Felicia has settled well into life at Holland College on Prince Edward Island.