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Lyford Cay International school The Bahamas – The Thomson Leadership and Innovation Award – The Canadian Lyford Cay Foundation

The Bahamas – The Thomson Leadership and Innovation Award – The Canadian Lyford Cay Foundation

The Thomson Leadership and Innovation Award, administered by The Canadian Lyford Cay Foundation was created to carry on the wishes of the late Peter N. Thomson who wanted to give back to the Bahamas in recognition for all The Bahamas offered to him over the years and his belief in the Country.

The intent of the award is to provide students of demonstrated need and academic potential the opportunity to attain a post-secondary education in Canada. It was designed to recruit and support students who are driven to improve The Bahamas in areas including but not limited to:  entrepreneurial studies, emerging technologies, design, the creative arts and/or the sciences. The Canadian Lyford Cay Foundation recognizes the determination and ambition of students who have thoughtfully crafted dreams to make a difference in The Bahamas now and well into the future. The Thomson awards seek to reward the diligence, creativity, dedication, and visions of the country’s most promising and inventive leaders. We seek to inspire scholars to dream big and plan how they will hone skills to bring back a big idea to revolutionize an industry or field in The Bahamas. This scholarship is awarded to candidates who are innovators and have a track record of implementing big ideas into successful projects

Scholarship grants of up to CAD $30,000 annually will be awarded to up to five eligible and deserving students at any given time, for a period of up to three years of funding each, depending on the length of the degree, diploma, or certificate program, and provided academic requirements are maintained as outlined by the Canadian Lyford Cay Foundation, in a university or College in Canada.

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