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LCF- Thomson Family Leadership and Innovation Award Recipient 2023 - Jazmin Ageeb Cerdenares

LCF- Thomson Family Leadership and Innovation Award Recipient 2023 - Jazmin Ageeb Cerdenares
Jazmin Ageeb Cerdenares
Thomson Leadership and Innovation AwardThomson Leadership & Innovation Award
Oxford UniversityOxford University Master’s DegreeMasters Degree Major/Field of StudyMajor/Field of Study: Diplomatic Studies Award ValueAward Value: $30,000.00
Who is Jazmin Ageeb Cerdenares?

The Bahamas has incredible potential to experience socio-economic prosperity, and yet, we continuously face brain drain with far too many professionals opting for a life abroad. Like every nation, international relations is critical to our well-being. This is why I am seeking financial support to pursue a degree in diplomatic studies. With this in hand, I plan to represent The Bahamas on the world stage and secure opportunities for development.

Ultimately, I plan to build my career as an international lawyer and fulfill my aspiration to become a seasoned diplomat for The Bahamas. Throughout my studies and work experience, I sought to understand our state of development. I was disheartened to learn that our country is far behind global norms in areas like waste management. We are further restricted by a lack of accurate, relevant, and easily accessible data. I have since determined that the best way to impact notable change is to acquire a platform of influence, and I cannot ignore the critical role diplomacy plays in securing opportunities for investment and technical exchange.

It is a particular goal of mine to strengthen our diplomatic relationship with South Korea. South Korea’s model for waste management, transport, and digitization are areas of expertise that The Bahamas can benefit from. We, in turn, can offer technical assistance on what is our prized national product -tourism. I hope to execute this plan within the next ten years.

Importantly, the United Kingdom is a key partner of The Bahamas. In my role as a project analyst, I engaged with UK corporate executives who seek to support my country in diverse areas of development. I anticipate that my studies in the United Kingdom would further inspire ways to strengthen this partnership.

Acquiring a diplomatic degree is one of three next steps. I have already deferred my offers from law universities in London to the 2024-2025 academic year. It will take me two years to qualify as a lawyer. I plan to combine the expertise of law and diplomacy to effectively engage heads of state, corporate executives, and Bahamian entities. I will utilize my international network to secure opportunities for socio-economic progression. I will work to enhance trading relationships, secure scholarship programs, and garner commitment from developed states to continue exchanging knowledge and expertise. My impact will be access granted for as many Bahamians as I can reach.

Jazmin is expected to graduate in 2024.